Useful Links

  1. Useful links: ‘’Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia’’ NGO (FYCA)
  2. Ruben Nalbandyan Cross-stones Master’s School NGO
  3. “Pyunik” Armenian Association for the disabled Charitable NGO
  4. Pambak community ethno center
  5. “Kean” Cultural-Educational Center NGO
  6. “Argina” Cultural NGO
  7. “Town of Masters” Web program
  8. “Hayrenean” Public TV Company of Armenia
  9. Vanand Secondary School
  10. “Arar” Armenian Art Center
  11. Noyemberyan Cultural Center
  12. Gegharkunik Geological-Local Lore Museum
  13. The Geological-Local Lore Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan
  14. “Totik” Handmade Club of Armenia
  15. “Terracotta Style Studio”
  16. “Syrian Armenians Union”
  17. “Vaspurik” Puppet Theater
  18. Shirak’s Center for Armenian Studies NAS RA
  19. “Hovhannes Sharambeyan Center for Folk Art” SNCO
  20. “Museum of Wood Art” SNCO
  21. “Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum” SNCO
  22. “Cultural Society” NGO (Represents the literary and cultural life of Armenia abroad. Operates with the support of the Ministry of Culture)
  23. UNESCO Website (Intangible Cultural Heritage)
  24. “Karin” traditional song and dance group
  25. “Akunq” ethnographic ensemble
  26. Masunq folk song and dance group
  27. “Maratuk” folk song and dance ensemble after Mgro Sargsyan
  28. Hanguyts Folk Art Foundation
  29. “Tonatsuyts” National Theater
  30. “Armenia at the Crossroads of Peace” International Folklore Festival
  31. “Vark Hayots” traditional song and dance group
  32. “Sasna Tsrer” ethnographic ensemble
  33. “Veradardz” folk song and dance ensemble
  34. “Kayt” traditional dance group
  35. “Sasna Tun” Community Development Support Center NGO
  36. Teryan Cultural Center
  37. Hovhannes Sharambeyan
  38. “Kenats Tun” NGO
  39. Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of NAS RA
  40. Institute of Art of NAS RA
  41. Yerevan Komitas Conservatory
  42. Sardarapat Heroic Battle Memorial, National Museum of Armenian Ethnography, History of the Liberation Struggle
  43. Virtual Museum of Armenian Carpets

List Of NGOs And Foundations In Any Sphere Of RA

  1. “Gyumri Sports and Culture Center for the Disabled” NGO
  2. Ashtarak Region Women’s Association NGO
  3. “Maratuk” Cultural Center NGO
  4. Eurasia Partnership Foundation
  5. “Sasna Tun” Community Development Support Center NGO
  6. “National Instrument Restoration and Development” Foundation
  7. “Mrro” Armenian National Song Art Center “NGO
  8. “Revival of Traditional Holidays” educational and cultural NGO
  9. “Progress” youth NGO
  10. “Gyumri Cultural Experimental Center” NGO
  11. “Pomegranate” cultural NGO
  12. “Federation of Youth Clubs” NGO
  13. “Armenian Society for Cultural Cooperation with Foreign Countries” NGO
  14. “Ruben Nalbandyan Khachkar Master School” NGO
  15. “Pyunik” Union of the Disabled of Armenia Charitable NGO
  16. “Kean” educational and cultural center NGO
  17. “Argina” cultural NGO
  18. “Union of Syrian-Armenians” NGO
  19. “Hanguyts” educational and cultural foundation of folk art
  20. “Ayrog” NGO
  21. “Ayrudzi” NGO
  22. “Teryan Cultural Center” NGO
  23. “Cultural Society” NGO
  24. “Terracotta Studio” charitable educational, social-cultural NGO
  25. Cultural Education Support Foundation
  26. Zvartnots Revival Foundation
  27. “National Union of Yezidis” NGO
  28. “Meghvik” children and youth NGO
  29. “Hazarashen” Armenian Center for Ethnographic Research “NGO
  30. “Sayat-Nova Cultural Union” NGO
  31. “Tsiranapogh” cultural, youth NGO
  32. “Kenats Tun” NGO
  33. “Union of Greek Communities of Armenia” NGO
  34. “NGO Center” Civil Society Development NGO
  35. “Center for the Protection and Development of Historical and Cultural Values ​​of Metallurgy of Armenia” NGO
  36. “Culture for Democracy” NGO
  37. “Tradition & Modernity” educational and cultural NGO
  38. “United Youth Union” youth NGO