Ayntap Needlework

Հոդվածի ֆոտո

Armenians in Ayntap were engaged in crafts, trade, metalworking, jewelry, and stonework. Weaving was an old and widespread craft, making woven fabrics. Ayntap was famous for woolen fabrics and belt making. Carpentry had reached the height of art. The city was particularly notable for its embroidery and lace-making, which bears the city’s name. Flower-decorated table cloths, covers, pillowcases, handkerchiefs, sewing laces, which were used to decorate headscarves and clothes, were embroidered in Ayntap.
Pictured: Tutu embroidering with her daughters, 1940s, Aleppo (from right: Lousin Adamian, Tutu, Piatris Adamian). Photo: Property of Piatris Adamian, Aleppo.

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