Aznavour: I hope to be on stage until I am 100

Renowned French-Armenian singer and song-writer Charles Aznavour has expressed a desire to continue his stage career until the age of 100.

 “I really hope I will … It remains to be seen,” he said in an interview with Le Figaro.

The 93-year-old musician also admitted to being the world’s “most elderly acting singer”. “Tony Bennett is only 91; he’s still a child,” he said jokingly. The publication notes that despite his age, Aznavour hasn’t lost his jovial spirit.

A star honoring the legendary musician was unveiled in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August. Aznavour’s popularity has spread across generations. In 1998, he was named Artist of the 20th Century (based on online surveys by the CNN and Time). 

Over the course of his career, Aznavour has sold a record number of 180 million CDs and recorded 1,400 songs (of which, 1,300 were written by him). The singer has released albums in French, Armenian, English, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish.