French-Armenian cartoonist famed as author of top magazines’ cover page images

French-Armenian cartoonist Edmon Kiraz is among the 20th century’s most outstanding cartoon-makers whose works have been inseparably attached to public and political life since mid-20th century. 

Born to a family of Turkish-Armenian parents in Cairo, Egypt in 1923, Kiraz started his career when he was only 17. His first works appeared in Egyptian newspapers, reports. In 1946, the family moved to Paris where the young cartoonist’s talent immediately struck attention. His political cartoons made their way into such French publications as La Bataille, Le Rouge et le Noir and Samedi Soir and Ici Paris. The 1960s illustrations, featuring women’s morals, were published in Paris Match, Vogue, Glamour, as well as in well known newspapers in Spain and Italy. Inspired by his cartoons, late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner made Kiriz a collaboration offer in the 1970s, asking him to create humoristic stories for the male magazine.

 Over the course of his entire career, the French-Armenian artist collaborated with major advertising companies (including Nivea). Kiraz continues his creative activity also today, giving master classes in France and other countries in Europe.