“Martiros Saryan” documentary film presentation

On February 28, 2018, at 14:00 at Martiros Saryan’s home-museum the unique work “Flowers” depicted on the glass, which was composed on the film “Martiros Saryan”, will be demonstrated for the first time. 

Within the framework of the program, a video disc of the documentary film “Martiros Saryan” and a book “Sarian paints flowers”, made up of the recollections of the film’s director Laert Vagharshyan and the responses to the film, are expected to be presented.The photos made during the creation of the film and Saryan’s works will also be shown. 

“Martiros Saryan” documentary film was created in 1965 at “Hayfilm” studio, directed by L. Vagharshyan, the author of the text is Erenburg, author of music is Gh. Saryan. Entrance is with tickets.